Library Larks

The Library will soon be re-opening! Kids, here are some ideas to get you started with your library borrowing...

Have you been feeling a little bored at home or wondering what you can learn or study in the future? Well checkout the new library display of books. There is something for everyone!

Got no idea what you would like to be when you grow up? Or you know what you want to do but you really need to brush up on those career making skills!

Borrow ones of these books to PLAN YOUR CAREER...test pilot anyone?

NOW is the chance to brush up on those science skills such as creating an experiment that you are not allowed to do at school or learning about the plants that grow around your home.

Borrow one of these books and become a real Scientist.

It's a great time to consider our enviromental footprint on our Earth. Borrow one of these books and set up a new recycling system or compost heap at home.

Do your best to BE GREEN.

Professional sports person when you grow up? You betcha! Better start brushing up on those sports moves now ready to make it into the big time.

Borrow one of these books to improve those sports skills.

At a loss as to what to do over your weekends. Endless hours of doing NOTHING before school starts on Monday? This is the answer for you.

Borrow one of these books about random things to do and learn - you might even develop a new hobby.

Sick of staying home? Can't wait until we can all go on big holidays? This display is for you to learn about a country and their language and customs.

Bon Voyage

This display is for all you budding millionaries in the making! If you love money, you might need to brush up on your maths and budgeting skills. 

When you do visit the Library you will find some new cleaning guidelines. These can be found on the desk and the returns trolley. Please follow them closely.


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