2020 Staff

Eloisa GOSS Principal, Literacy Leader
Rachel BATTEN Pre-Primary/Year 1 (ECE 2), Monday & Tuesday
Kindy, Pre-Primary/Year 1(ECE 2) Thursday & Friday
Akaila PANNELL Year 1/ Year 2 (ECE 1)
Eloise WILLIAMS Year 3/4 (Room 2), Numeracy Leader
Jane NEIL-SMITH Year 5/6 (Room 3), Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 
Visual Arts Teacher, Wednesdays
Student Leadership Team Coordinator
Marnie GALLEGOS Year 5/6 (Room 3), Wednesday
Physical Education Teacher, Friday
Suzi HOGG Kindergarten/Pre-Primary/Year 1 (ECE 2), Wednesday
Janice KING Indonesian, Thursday
Julie-Ann EVANS Chaplain, Monday
Leigh STUDSOR Manager Corporate Services, Monday - Friday
Melanie HORLEY School Officer, Monday & Tuesday even weeks
Karen HARRINGTON School Officer, Monday & Tuesday odd weeks
Library Officer, Wednesday odd weeks
Joanne BUNCE Education Assistant, Monday - Thursday
Jane ROGERS Education Assistant, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Sam TOOKE Education Assistant, Thursday & Friday
Cindy VAN DYK Cleaner in Charge, morning and afternoon Monday-Friday
Julie ALLEN Cleaner, afternoon Monday - Friday
Gary BRAVERY Gardener, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

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