A Message from the Principal

Principal, Mrs Eloisa Goss


Welcome to 2021! 


I would like to truly thank all of our parent community for your understanding and support in what could have been a real trying week. We were very fortunate to be able to start school normally and get your children into their learning routines.


We have had a sensational start to the year, and I would like to thank all our dedicated staff for their efforts in preparing for the beginning of the school year.  Our cleaning staff have worked very hard over the holidays to ensure our school was looking at its best for Day 1. Thank you to Mrs Van Dyk and Mrs Allen for the holiday cleaning, it was definitely a bigger job for them as they did some garden tidying for us in the absence of a school gardener. We are hoping to have this situation sorted very soon. Our Front Office staff once again ensured we were all set up for day 1, thank you Mrs Studsor, Mrs Horley & Mrs Harrington.


Our teachers and education assistants have gone above and beyond as we know they do in setting up classrooms ready for your children.


We welcome some new families; we know you will really enjoy being a part of our school community.


We welcome Miss Slater into ECE 1 (Year 1 & 2) and Mrs Kristy Medlen who will be teaching Physical Education, into our school community and I know that you will all help them settle into Darkan this term.


Our gift to your children for 2021 were student diaries and our wonderful new school hats.  We ask that the hats are kept at school so your children always have sun protection.  I would have to say they all look extremely smart in their new hats!


Everyone has settled in well to our new school timetable too. 

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