School Profile

Darkan Primary School has been providing quality education to the children of our community since 1908. We were proud to be recognised as an Independent Public School in 2014, offering a comprehensive and personalised education to your child now and into the future.

Our vibrant and unique rural primary school is located in a progressive farming community. We pride ourselves on offering your child an environment that is safe, nurturing and respectful which promotes the social, physical, emotional and creative growth opportunities for everyone in our school.

Our vision is to cultivate your child's skills and abilities to persevere as lifelong learners and to become valued members of any community.

Our core purpose is to lead your child to achieve success in their schooling. We value every child as an individual, supporting them to improve and reach their potential. We take pride in our unique ability to cater for their specific learning needs and to follow their learning journey, not just through primary school, but into high school and university.

The high expectations we have of ourselves and our students are a precondition for our school's improvement success.

As a small school, one of our greatest benefits is our long serving and stable staff. Our staff know your child, your family and your extended support networks. Our deeply connected team positively collaborate with a shared sense of responsibility for the progress of every child in our school.

All staff at Darkan Primary School are truly dedicated to our school, and are commended for the time, effort and willingness to go above and beyond for your child.

Our actively supportive P&C provides valuable funds and services to the school. We regularly have over 70% of families represented at our P&C meetings with members participating and supporting our school.

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