School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

The purpose of School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) at Darkan Primary School is to establish a common understanding of behaviours expected in our school and in the wider community.

SWPBS is an initiative that fosters responsible student behaviour through a unified, school-wide behaviour program. SWPBS is a focus on positive behaviour for learning, using evidence based principles and practices. The beliefs, language and actions will be explicit and clear to the whole school community and will support our school vision, developing a school culture which is positive, consistent and based on a common language shared by all.

Initiative, Consideration and Excellence are the words that drive our expected behaviours. Behaviours that focus on thinking, caring and striving to always do the best you can do to ensure success for all.

SWPBS not only encourages responsible behaviour but also recognises those students who have consistently demonstrated appropriate behaviour at school, day after day.

The Behaviour Management Policy and SWPBS policy are available for parents to access from the front office or see your classroom teacher.

  • All staff review the school's behaviour management procedures each year and make a commitment to implementation of developed expectations. Amendments are taken to the school council for ratification.
  • Behaviour expectations and reminders are regularly communicated to the school community using the School Newsletter and school assemblies.
  • All staff are responsible for modelling, monitoring and acknowledging student behaviour on a daily basis by the use of raffle tickets to gain house points for their faction. Certificates for class champions are to be are weekly at Muster
  • When required, behaviour management meetings are convened by the Teacher and or Principal with students and families at point of need.
  • All staff are responsible for ensuring the consistent use of the agreed behaviour management procedures throughout the year.
This document is used in conjunction with our 2016 Good Standing Policy.

Good Standing is a part of and works in conjunctions with the Behaviour Management in Schools Policy and aims to acknowledge and recognise the good behaviour of the majority of students who consistently behave in accordance with the Darkan Primary School Behaviour Expectations Matrix.

Good Standing acknowledges, celebrates and rewards students who demonstrate initiative, consideration and excellence.

Good Standing ensures that individuals’ rights and responsibilities are not infringed upon, by providing an appropriate and logical consequence for student behaviour. Students who are working within the Behaviour Expectations Matrix are recognised as students in “Good Standing”. These students are eligible to represent Darkan Primary School in sporting, social, cultural and special events that this school is participating.

Those students with Good Standing will be able to participate in a small simple whole school reward every 5 weeks.

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