The purpose of homework is to:
  • build on the skill of working independently;
  • consolidate concepts currently taught in the classroom;
  • enhance the development of understanding, fluency and comprehension.
The opportunity to further develop these skills will increase the capacity to be a successful learner and a confident and creative individual.

Teachers Students Parent/Carers
All teachers (including Specialist Teachers) will only assign homework that is a valuable learning experience, practice activity or finishing off class work.

At a minimum Homework will consist of:
  • Home Reading
  • Mastery Folder (literacy and numeracy tasks)
  • Spelling List Words (Yrs 4-6)
All teachers will provide timely feedback to students.
Students will record all homework completed in their student diary.

Students will complete homework to the best of their ability.

Students will complete and return homework on time unless discussed with the teacher.
Homework will take a reasonable time depending on the year level of the student:

Year PP/1 = max. 20 minutes
Year 2/3 = max. 20 minutes
Year 4/5/6 = max. 30 minutes
Parents/Carers may provide appropriate assistance as needed.

Parents/Carers must communicate with the teacher about any questions or concerns.

Tips for Parents:
To assist in the setting up for success, suggestions are listed below:
  • Set up a place that is quiet, clear and non-distracting.
  • Set a time for homework that works well with the family’s schedule and when the parents/carers are free to support your child.
  • Contact the teacher if your child is consistently having problems with the tasks or reluctant to complete homework.
Bed time is very important. It is recommended to stop the homework and reschedule it if it is affecting sleep time.  Minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended for children 6 – 13 years.

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