All students in Years PP-6 participate in a minimum of two hours of quality physical activity each week, during the school day as part of student learning programs. We aim to provide numerous opportunities for students to be physically active at other times.

The whole school, Pre-Primary to Year 6 will be participating in Thursday afternoon sport rotations from 2.05 – 3.10pm.  This is a wonderful opportunity for your children to learn a variety of sporting skills and develop sportsmanship whilst working as a team.

Exemption: Parents of children seeking exemption (usually on medical grounds) from sporting activities must write a note to the teacher asking for that exemption.

Rain:  Under normal conditions in winter months, very little sport would be played if sport was stopped every time it rained. Students will be expected to continue playing during light rain conditions.  The teacher-in-charge will decide if rain is too heavy to continue with sport activities, otherwise alternative arrangements may be made to use equipment in the under covered area.

In Term Swimming Lessons
The Department of Education meets the cost of instruction at In Term classes for all public primary students.

In-Term Swimming Lessons are held in Term 1 for students in Years P-6.  The lessons are provided by the Department of Education at the Darkan pool and are free of charge.  Qualified Swimming Instructors and the Class Teacher supervise swimming lessons.

Activities involving swimming:  The Department of Education has very strict guidelines that must be adhered to by schools conducting water-based activities.  These guidelines have been developed in conjunction with the Royal Life Saving Society and the Surf Life Saving Association.  Before any water-based activities are approved by the Principal, all requirements of the policy and guidelines will have been met.  Occasionally, if the mandated requirements cannot be reasonably met, the planned activity will not proceed.

Sports Carnivals
Sporting Carnivals are an extension of the normal school program and the regulations regarding compulsory attendance apply (i.e. if children are absent, a note signed by a parent and stating the reason for the absence must be handed to the teacher on the next school day). 

Faction Competition
There are two Sporting Factions at Darkan Primary School, Forest and Wheatbelt.  Students are allocated into each Faction upon enrolment into our school; we endeavour to have all children in the one family in the same Faction.  Teaching staff are allocated to a Faction and where possible will remain in the same Faction whilst at our school.  Children of staff will be placed in the same Faction as their parents.

Interschool Competition
Students at Darkan Primary School have several opportunities each year to become involved with students from other schools in a range of interschool activities. An “Interschool Event” is one which can include any cohort of students from Darkan Primary School in any sporting event, where students, staff and/or parents from other schools are present and there is an element of competition and/or cooperation.

Selection for Interschool teams is at the discretion of the organising teacher/s and/or Principal.

Students need to have Good Standing to be eligible for selection for ANY Interschool Events, as per the Whole School Positive Behaviour Management Policy.

Selection of Students for Sporting Events
Interschool Carnivals
  • Students will be selected for events based on their placing/s at the Faction Carnival combined with the level of proficiency they demonstrate for the skills required for the event.
  • Special consideration will be given for students who are absent from a Faction Carnival (family reasons, illness etc), but who otherwise would have been eligible for selection as demonstrated throughout training.
  • ‘Run –off’ may be necessary to aid in the selection of students after the Faction Carnival
  • Students will be asked to commit to additional training as required in preparation for the Interschool event.  This may include lunch time practices which students selected into the Interschool Team, will need to attend.

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