An excursion is any student-learning activity conducted off the site of the school, at which the student is enrolled, that is organised or managed by a member of teaching staff employed under s237 of the School Education Act 1999 and has gained the appropriate approval(s).

Excursions and Incursions are school-based activities designed to enrich the curriculum and learning experiences of your children.  The experiences of children outside the school grounds contribute to the development of their understandings, skills and attitudes. The provision of opportunities for children to learn from the wider community builds on and reinforces the school curriculum. Excursions are an important means of providing such opportunities. Activities conducted outside the relatively protective environment of the school site involve greater risk. Therefore particular attention must be given to ensuring the safety and welfare of all excursion participants.

All excursions and incursions must complete an Excursion Management Plan that is forwarded to the Principal for approval.  This plan details the purpose and activities involved in the excursion and parent information which will be sent home including permission forms which must be signed and returned to school as soon as possible.  Verbal permission will not be accepted for any children for any excursions.

The anticipated costs of Excursions/Incursions for the school year are outlined in the Parent Contributions and Charges information that is sent out in Term 4 each year.  Where possible we aim to give parents at least two weeks’ notice for payments and returning of permission forms for Excursions/Incursions.

School camps form a part of the Excursion Policy with the Department of Education Western Australia. 

Camps are designed to enrich the educational and maturational experiences of the children.  Parents are often invited to participate in the camps.  The provision of camps is entirely a school decision and is dependent on the program being conducted in the class.

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