Dress Code




The Darkan Primary School community, through the School Board, believes the wearing of a school uniform by students enhances the outcomes the school seeks. Students develop a sense of unity and pride in their school and provide equality and uniformity.



To provide parents and students with a dress code that is: safe and appropriate for school activities, reasonably contemporary in design, provides some choice, is affordable to parents and considers the risks of ultraviolet radiation.

To provide appropriate modifications/exemptions related to student health, ethnicity, religion or any other matter, which, in the Principal’s, is sufficient to exempt a student from the dress code requirements.

To encourage the adherence to the dress code by providing sanctions for non‑compliance.



Kindergarten to Year 6

The following items constitute the school’s dress code:


Navy blue shorts -  Garbedine, plain or cargo

Navy blue skorts.

DPS navy polo shirt with school emblem


Navy blue cargo pants

Navy blue bootleg pants

DPS navy polo shirt with school emblem

Navy blue polar fleece, full zip jumper, with school emblem.

Navy blue polar fleece, half zip jacket, with  school emblem.


Navy blue microfibre sports shorts

Navy blue skorts

Faction red or blue polo shirt with emblem

(For Interschool Faction Carnivals, DPS navy blue polo shirt with emblem)

Navy blue microfibre track pants

Navy blue microfibre jacket, embroidered with school emblem.


Denim does not form part of our dress code. No brand name or stripes on pants.


Uniform orders will open twice a year. Uniforms to be ordered via parent QuikClick account. The Uniform Coordinator may have a small selection of uniforms available for purchase at other times.


All Students



A no bucket hat, no play rule applies. Navy blue bucket hat with DARKAN is the school uniform hat and thus mandatory. Hats are available from the school.



Closed and flat shoes,

Sandals require ankle strap.

Thongs or strapless sandals are not permitted.



The wearing of jewellery is not recommended or encouraged as a result of occupational health and safety concerns for students.



All long hair is to be kept tied back. This is to help in the prevention of head lice.


Modifications to the Dress Code

Parents of students who for religious or health reasons who wish to modify the School's dress code are required to make an appointment with the Principal to discuss the matter. Staff will be informed accordingly.



Students not complying with the dress code will be counselled and resolution of their concerns sought.



Parents and students will be informed of the Darkan Primary Schools' dress code at the time of enrolment. Acceptance of enrolment at this school assumes an agreement between the school, the parent/guardian and the enrolling student that the dress code will be adhered to.


Review of the Dress Code

This Policy is a result of an extensive consultation process with the School Community through the School Board, P&C and newsletters and will be reviewed as required.

Lost Property
There is a ‘lost property’ box in the Front Office. Parents are most welcome to look for their children's property.

Please remember to label ALL items of clothing with your child’s name.

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