Duty of Care

Teaching staff owe a duty to take reasonable care for the safety and welfare of students whilst students are involved in school activities or are present for the purposes of a school activity.
Supervision of students
Teachers are rostered to supervise children during recess and lunch breaks.  Children are to remain seated whilst eating, at recess and for the first 10 mins of  lunch.  They will be allowed to leave this area when the duty teacher has seen that they have eaten their lunch and cleaned the area. 

Children are to be at school no earlier than 8.30am each morning, any children arriving earlier than this time will be directed to benches outside the Staffroom until 8.30am.  This process is necessary as supervision of your children cannot be guaranteed prior to 8:30 am.

Family Court Orders in Schools
Family Court Orders can provide for parental access to a student and the student’s information. Access is provided with due regard to the safety, welfare and educational needs of students, and to the proper management of the school.

Family law is based on the premise that the best interests of children are met by both parents having a meaningful involvement in their lives, where possible. The main focus is on the child and the child’s best interests. In the absence of a court order to the contrary parental responsibility continues even where there is a change in the parents’ relationship.

Court orders bind the parties to whom they are directed. It is not the role of schools to interpret or police court orders, or to mediate disputes between parents. The school’s role is to provide for the education of the student and their safety and welfare while in the school’s care and control.

Therefore it is essential that the school is notified immediately if there are any Family Court Orders or Custody Access Restrictions in place for your children.  A copy of the Family Court Orders will kept on your children’s confidential student file.

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