Electronic Devices

Children are not permitted to carry electronic devices such as Mobile Phones, Ipods, iPads or electronic tablets, on themselves during the school day. These items must be checked into the Front Office before school each day or left on the bus with the bus driver.  The Front Office staff will make a record of the lodgement and the item will be stored in a secure location and will be available for collection at the end of the day.  The School will not accept responsibility for the loss of mobile phones and electronic devices which have not been checked in at the Front Office.  Any items that include camera and/or video capability will be confiscated on sight, kept in the Front Office and Parents/Guardians must collect the item.

In the event that students need to make contact with Parents or Caregivers for urgent or important business they may ask a Teacher or the Front Office staff to use the school phone service on their behalf.

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