There is NO parking in the Bus Zone on Darkan South Road.  There are two car parks for parents, one is in Burrowes Street which is designated for Kindergarten/Pre-Primary Parents and Canteen volunteers on the south side of the school and the other is in front of the Administration Building to the north of the school.

Drop off time in the morning can be a hectic time at schools and parents are asked to consider their child’s safety when bringing them to school and when letting them out of the vehicle. Please remember to:
  • Always drop your children on the school side of the road
  • Always ask your children to leave the car on the kerb side of the road.
  • Please be aware when leaving the car parks that there will be children moving around.
  • Please meet your child on school grounds if you have parked on the opposite side of the car park as small children are hard to see on their own.
By being patient and courteous you can reduce the safety risks for our children.

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