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In your Darkan @ Home package you will find suggested timetables, Numeracy and Literacy grids, concrete resources and their log in cards to access online resources. The activities in the learning grids have been designed for children to be able to complete at home using their prior knowledge and some assistance. On the side of the learning grids are daily warmups for the children to complete. These are designed to be done daily for both Literacy and Numeracy. After the daily warmups the children are to chose one activity from the learning grid to complete each day. Once the activity is completed the child is to colour in one star in the corresponding box. In each box there are two stars for the children to complete that activity twice. Try and encourage the children to do all the activities first then move onto doing the activities a second time. The activities in the learning grids requiring resources have a writing page in the corner. You can find these resources in the child’s Darkan @ Home package. You will also find some extra resources in your Darkan @ Home family package as bonus learning activities.

P-1 Literacy

P-1 - Numeracy

K-2 - Fine Motor and Gross Motor

K-2 - Play and Movement

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