Class Organisation

Class structures for Darkan Primary School are governed by student enrolments.  Due to our small numbers it is inevitable for your children to be placed into multi-age classrooms.  This means that there is generally more than one year level of children in each classroom.  Variations and fluctuations in enrolment numbers may also result in some year levels split into two rooms.

Class teachers and the Principal work in close co-operation to ensure that every child is placed in a class where they gain the greatest educational achievement.  Where a year group is split, teachers will consider social, emotional, academic and sibling factors when dividing children.  Teachers of these cohorts will work together and ensure the same learning outcomes are achieved and curriculum delivered.

In 2022 we will operate class groups as follows: 

ECE 2 Kindergarten
ECE 2 Pre-Primary/ Year 1
ECE 1 Year 2/ Year 3
Room 2 Year 4
Room 3 Year 5/ Year 6


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