Fees & Charges

Parent Contributions & Charges
Financial support provided by parents has always played an enabling role in the provision of resources that extend our school’s capacity to add value to your children’s learning experiences.

Parents are asked to contribute $60 per student per year in Years K-6 and this goes towards the cost of providing an educational program that meets the requirements of the Western Australian Curriculum Outline as determined by the School’s Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). The contributions collected from parents/guardians are used towards providing materials, services and facilities directly used or consumed by your children, including hire of textbooks or the provision of text material. The Darkan Primary School Board approves the level of contributions each year in Term 3 and these costs are detailed on the School Contributions and Charges list sent out to each family at the end of Term 4 each school year.

We offer a range of payment options to assist parents and you are encouraged to discuss this with the Principal or Manager Corporate Services if you are experiencing difficulty making the payments.

In addition, the P&C requests payment of a membership and fundraising contribution.  The P&C contribution is again a voluntary payment and is levied once a year in lieu of ongoing fundraising activities.  Additional sports equipment, reading books, playground development and library facilities benefit from the money, which is disbursed by the P&C.  The contributions are seen as a fair means to spread the responsibility of fund raising among parents.  Included in the contribution is membership of the P&C, which entitles parents to participate fully in P&C activities and receive coverage for injuries, sustained through attendance at meetings or activities run by the P&C organisation.

Charges apply to high cost options (called extra cost optional components) in Years K-6 that are alternative to parts of the program covered by the contribution. Extra cost options are also specific activities, services or facilities that our school offers for your children to use or take part in. Excursions such as camps, swimming lessons and off-site activities are examples. The charge associated with the provision of these activities, services or facilities covers the cost of providing the service or running the activity. The School Board approves the level of charges. The costs are detailed on the School Contributions and Charges list. Schools offer a range of payment options to assist parents and you are again encouraged to discuss this further with the Principal or Manager Corporate Services.

A comprehensive list of additional charges expected for the upcoming school year is published and sent out to parents in Term 4.

Personal Items
These are personal items that students need to own. The list is detailed and provided to you with the School Contributions and Charges list.  All items listed are largely consumable materials required by your children for the school year, this include but not limited to stationary equipment as well as scrapbooks, journals and student workbooks.  There may be times throughout the year that these materials need restocking and the class teachers will inform you if this occurs.  Personal items can be purchased from any supplier; however the school has identified a supplier that will send packs directly to your home for your convenience. The School Board approves this list.

Please ensure everything your supply from the Personal Items list is clearly labeled with your child’s name.  This makes it easier for us to send unused items back to you at the end of the year.

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